You are not a real farmer until your blood is in the soil.

I made a bit of progress last evening. Not on the green house, I can’t talk about that yet. On the plants! I had ordered several plants that came live and need to be planted within a few days of receiving them. So three weeks later (opps) I finally got in the two rose bushes, sweet william, red daisy, and shasta daisys. My brother has been off work for 2 weeks due to a minor surgery and he is bored out of his mind so he has taken to tilling the garden for me which is a huge help as the tiller is quite bulky for me to handle.

I was able to plant all but the rose bushes in two rows in the garden along with some gladiola bulbs from a separate order (those I planted in time). The rose bushes are in the yard along with two hydrangea plants. I hadn’t looked at the hydrangeas for a few weeks seeing that they are on the corner of the property and I don’t usually walk over there a lot (plus that whole pity party thing that was going on) but I  made it over there last evening and BEHOLD I saw green buds! I’m not a failure! I planted something and it’s actually growing 🙂

Since I was feeling like a real farmer at that point I decided to plant the remaining items in the garden since it was freshly tilled. It was a little chilly outside but with my gardening gloves I made out fine. My dad always had a neat trick to make straight lines in the garden. Get 2 sticks. Tie string on one and put it in the ground. Take the other across the garden and tie string around that one. Put in ground. There you have it! Straight line! I also wanted to pound some other markers into the rows where I had started a new variety of plant. That way I would know which ones were which when they grow. I needed three of them in addition to the ends as you don’t keep the string up all season. So I took my markers (pieces of wood about 3 feet long and an inch across) and a sledge hammer to make sure they wouldn’t fall over in the wind (like the green house stupid wind!!). I did great until the very last one. While I didn’t hit my finger, the weights of the sledge hammer brought my hand down on the stick I was aiming for (because I missed it) and I scraped my knuckle down the stick ouch! I though I was fine until I was finished and took my gloves off to go inside. There it was. A small chunk of knuckle was missing. Seriously it’s teeny tiny you can hardly see it but there was blood!! I had to laugh at myself because my dad was always coming in bleeding from something when he worked in the garden and I always rolled my eyes at him and his “silliness” Guess who’s laughing now? The guy in the big garden in the sky 🙂

But that’s makes it official I suppose as my blood really is in the land now 🙂



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