I’m having a party! A pity party…

My greenhouse fell down on Friday. I can’t even look at it as it makes me want to cry or throw things. Commence the pity party!

I’m behind with planting. I’m behind with laundry. I’m behind with clearing the garden and cleaning up the strawberries and going to the store and stocking up for summer since I don’t get regular paychecks for 2 months and on and on and on. Oh my.

Back to the greenhouse – it’s fixable apparently according to Uncle Ted. I do have to order some pieces though as they are damaged beyond repair. The entire thing was not up and together yet BUT the wind here in Jersey has been insane and it just couldn’t take the beating so it fell down 😦

My uncle next door (Tom- my Dad’s brother) does have a cold frame up at his house. Basically a cold frame is four wood sides with a glass or plastic top that is on the ground that you can put seedlings and small plants in it and the sun will keep it nice and warm for proper growing. You can open the top or pull back the plastic on warmer days to get the plants used to the outside air and cooler temps so they don’t have such a shock to their little systems once they get planted in the ground in the garden.

At least that is one thing going for us. The other is that since the greenhouse wasn’t fully together there were not any plants in it. Plus none of the “wall” that was in were damaged as well so that is good thing #2. Maybe I don’t need a pity party after all! I do need to get my act together and plant some things that need to be planted NOW. That’s not a reason for a pity party though.

Another good thing that has happened since the greenhouse fell is that after 14 years of monthly payments I finally paid off my student loans! Don’t get too excited. I’m not going out to buy something huge like a tractor or anything. I’m just upping how much I am putting into my Roth IRA for retirement.

All in all I guess it’s not as bad as it seems. Yes, I need to do laundry and clean but I always need to do that. I need to organize my ebay inventory and have a yard sale. I will. I’ll get it down. When I look at everything together it IS overwhelming and I want to go and hide but when it all gets broken down into individual tasks, it doesn’t seem that bad. Hey, if I don’t get my laundry done this week it’s not really going to hurt anything.

No more pity party. I’m over it 🙂 Keep calm and carry on my friends!


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