It’s Getting A Little Better…

househouse2house3house4Ahhh….PROGRESS!! This is the most we have been able to do since the delivery of the greenhouse. While the wind was a slight issue at times (think giant sail of glass) we were able to put up the front and back as well as the frame for the sides. The large 12 ft. piece of wood you see there on the roof is an addition that we made to secure it. It’s a little flimsy right now since all the “glass” is not in. The wood makes it extra secure so we don’t lose anything between now and finishing up.

In the beginning of this past Sunday when we were working on this greenhouse I looked around my yard and started to feel very negative. There is so much to do! The garden needs to be cleaned up. I have 4 rows of strawberries that need to be weeded and cleaned. There is some growth near the garage on the other side of the greenhouse that is not in the picture that has been there for YEARS as it was my dad’s “junk” pile. The task as a whole, as well as other things that need to be done around the yard is overwhelming and gets me down in the dumps. But I have to take a step back and do things in chunks. One day at a time. Getting the greenhouse up helped a lot. Yesterday I planted the rest of the raspberry plants that had come in. Hopefully today I can get the rose bushes I ordered in somewhere. I have to find a partially shady spot.

As I write this I am actually laying on a chair cushion that I put on the floor in my office. I sneezed last night and threw my back out. Then I sneezed again this morning and made it even worse. Thank goodness I have a chiropractor appointment today. Hopefully he can make me feel well enough to plant some things later. We did have our first produce sale of the season today though! My chiropractor bought the most recent sprouts we grew! Yippee! Retirement here I come.

I’ll keep plugging alone and I hope you do to! Whatever it is that is on your list don’t fret. Don’t stress yourself over it. If you need to rest, then rest. If you are hungry, eat. Thirsty, drink. Close your eyes and take a deep breath at some point today and reflect of what truly makes you happy. Don’t worry about the small stuff. Live a simple life and the stress will melt away.


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