My Friend George Who Is A Deer

This is George. He is a deer. A real live deer. He is my friend. George lost him mother when he was a wee lad and still had all of his spots. I have never seen anything so cute in my whole life! He was rescued and brought to a sanctuary and was bottle fed. Fawns are very hard to raise and can get sick quite easily when they don’t have a mother but George was a strong little guy and grew fast. Now he is almost two and is my buddy. I’m not quite sure he knows that he is a deer. He loves for his ears and chin to be scratched. He also loves being petted much like a dog. I see him about once every two months when I am down his way. I call for him and no matter where he is he comes over and give me kisses with his cold nose on my cheek. I give him his favorite snack – Ritz crackers. It has to be Ritz. I tried another brand before and he spit them out on the ground. It’s even better if I bring wheat Ritz crackers. He eats an entire sleeve of those.

After he eats then he wants his head scratches. He closes his eyes and looks like he is getting a massage. I just love this little guy. He’s not so small anymore but to me he will always be little Georgie 🙂

Not many people will be able to touch a deer let alone have a trusting relationship with one. I know that I am extra blessed by being able to know and love this special wild creature. He brings a special sort of peace to me when I get to spend time with him. I am always refreshed, time seems to slow, and the stress of the weeks before fades away.

I hope all of you have a special place, animal, or person that you can visit and feel peace as well.



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