The Beauty Of Ice

The weather forecast from this past Monday into Tuesday was as confusing as Santa with no pants. Was it going to snow? ABC News said we were going to get 10-14 inches! Wait though…NBC said 4-8. Then there was that online site that said sunny and 65 degrees. So when the bell rang for dismissal on Monday, I went home anticipating who knows what. It was sunny and I didn’t need a coat that afternoon, but there was a blizzard coming? The only thing I wanted to know was if school was going to be closed the next day because that meant I could stay up that night and watch Murder She Wrote at 11 🙂 YES!!

My school usually doesn’t call until 5 a.m. the day of. Even knowing that, Facebook was still a flurry of activity between staff. We updated each other on what other schools had already been closed. We argued over the amount of snow. Some negative Nelly’s even said we were JUST GOING TO GET RAIN! There was no way I was going to accept that. So I did what any normal almost 40-year-old who wants a snow day off from work does. I put a wooden spoon under my pillow and wore my pj’s inside out.

Then a minor miracle occurred. My cell phone rang at 10:25 p.m. I looked at the caller ID. It was school!! We were off! Now, I must fill in between the lines. When the phone rang, I had actually already been asleep on the couch for an hour. I had no idea what was going on. When I finally figured it out, I looked at the clock and determined that I would have to save Murder She Wrote for another night and I went to bed. I was a little sad at that but oh what utter bliss the morning would bring! A gift! Sleeping in!

My cat meowed at 5:30a.m. I rolled over and told him to go away. Thirty seconds later he was next to my eat MEOOOWWWWW. Human translation is “MOM! Get UP! I’m hungry!” This is every morning but at least I could go back to bed and not have to worry about my alarm going off. After feeding him I got back in bed and stayed there as long as I could but something odd was going on outside. It sounded like a small army of little men were running around on the roof. And the wind! Gusts of 35 miles an hour were whipping around and branches were falling. We did get a layer of snow but then it turned into sleet and ice and every inch of everything was covered. The danger of this is that the ice weighs down the branches which can then break off and damage property, electric lines, block road, etc.

So up I was a 8 a.m. and I finally figured out what was making the noise of the roof. There is a medium-sized tree right outside my bedroom window. Because of the ice, the branches were hanging and touching the roof so when the wind blew they scraped around sounding like a small army of little men. The ice and wind continued all day. I braved the storm to rescue the mail since the door to the mailbox had fallen open and I saw there was a package ready to fall out on the ground never to be found again. My face was pelted with the ice falling from the sky and it took me twice as long to get to the mailbox due to the gusts of wind pushing me back. I saved the mail though and got to enjoy my Real Simple magazine later in the afternoon next to the fire.

All in all my house fared well. No major damage, just a lot of branches that will need to picked up once everything dries up. I actually have an idea as my friends 3-year-old twins LOVE picking up sticks so I’m going to hire them and give them $1. According to the twins via their mother, they care collecting sticks for their fire pit that they don’t have. My friend is not quite sure if they want a real fire pit or they have an imaginary one. Regardless, I think this will still work. We can supervise them from our lawn chairs. One hand will be on our lemonades or iced teas and the other can point them in which direction to go. Ok, I’m joking. I’m not going to hire the 3 year old ( well maybe 😉 )

Spring officially starts this Monday and I could not be happier. Warm weather please stay as my garden needs some pampering and the greenhouse MUST go up. Sunday I have carved out 5 hours of solid greenhouse building. It’s supposed to be partly cloudy and in the 40’s. Tomorrow I just rest. Oh after I take my box of papers to the giant community shredder. That only happens twice I year. I’ll do that and then I’ll rest. Oh and my laundry. I have to do that. And clean. And work on my eBay listings as I have not done many recently. Oh my. Rest will come one of these days but I don’t think it will be this weekend 🙂 Ohhh and what if there is a yard sale somewhere….!

I leave you today with some pictures of the ice storm. The giant pine trees are at my neighbor’s house. The cardinal is at mine. He has been showing up almost every day. We never got a lot of cardinals but this one is special. Legend says that cardinals are loved ones coming down to visit.  Enjoy the slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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