While I was wearing shorts last week, I may have to break out my big huge winter coat again as it might snow on Friday morning! Ahhh, the joys of living in NJ. I remember a few years back in one week we had a hurricane, an earthquake, and a snow storm.

I really want to get my greenhouse up this weekend. The back wall is complete and the front will be easy to construct. Once we have those 2 pieces we can start to put everything together and upright. In the cold this weekend though of course! That’s usually how it happens. Saturday is the day so wish us luck. I think when we are finished I’m going to have a Greenhouse Warming Party. I’ll serve micro-greens 🙂

This weekend I also am going to see a play at a local theater. Pitman Theater in Pitman, NJ is a little community theater that puts on EXCELLENT professional grade plays and musicals. I have season tickets with my mom and aunt. We get 6 shows for the year and we go on Sundays at 2. We could have gotten the 8 o’clocks on Fridays but considering I’m usually in my pj’s asleep on the couch by 7 p.m. then…

I also double booked myself as I was supposed to go to my book club on Sunday at 1. We read “After Alice” by Gregory McGuire. He has also written the “Wicked” series (yes the same Wicked on Broadway) and several others. While I LOVED “Wicked” this one was ok. Not great not bad, just ok. So Sunday it will be time to talk about it. We talk about 5 minutes and then eat and talk about food for an hour and a half 🙂 The restaurant we are going to this time is only about 10 minutes from my house so I am going to go at 12:30, grab a table for everybody, get a snack and then at 1 when everyone comes I’ll say hi and then go meet my mom and aunt at the play. We will have dinner afterwards and by the time I get home I’ll be ready for the couch again. I really need to stop doing so much. No wonder my greenhouse isn’t all together yet!

Oh I forgot Saturday is also my brother birthday dinner. We have a family tradition that when it is your birthday you get to pick the meal that mom makes. My brother requests a full turkey dinner just like Thanksgiving. Me? I call out for pizza. My mom really really likes it when it is my birthday.

I don’t know when I am going to sleep this weekend and (Oh no!! I forgot it’s spring ahead this week….NOOOOOOO) While I love it being lighter longer in the evenings, I hate the mornings. I feel like I have jet lag until July. I’m doomed. The end.


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