The Wanderings Of A Gardening Soul

I haven’t been able to have any wanderings for quite some time and I was getting stir crazy. I took the weekend off from greenhouse building as a piece of the front was dented beyond repair coming right out of the shipping box and the new piece hasn’t been delivered yet. I planned to meet up with a friend for lunch that I had not seen in a few months (months!!) I decided to leave a few hours early and do some wanderings at a few antique shops that I either hadn’t been in recently or had never been in at all.

My first stop was at Cawman’s Mall Antiques & Things On Consignment. It’s located just on the edge of Salem,NJ on Route 49. It features over 40 vendors in a 12,000 foot space and you can find just about anything there. You can also spend HOURS looking around. I found a great old wooden box that once held peaches. I am going to use it for my flowers on the vegetable stand. I think I will be able to make small bouquets (I’m anticipating that my flowers will grow and bloom) and put them in mason jars with water and set them up in the wooden box. I will sell just the bouquet or the entire thing with a jar. Keep your fingers cross my seed children grow. Now you may be wondering why I would put a really cool wooden box on the vegetable stand when it’s the honor system. Oh…did I forget to tell you that? If I am home I sometimes go out but for the most part it’s just a little money box with change in it. In all the years my dad had this stand, only a very few times did someone steal produce. And he actually caught the lady! Now once in a while we are shorted a $1 or $2 but then sometimes we are over by $1 or $2. I think we have some customers who also use their own IOU system but in the end it always works out. Anyway, the box was a steal at $14 and I would be shocked if it went missing. Our customers don’t even take the strawberry boxes we sell the tomatoes in so I’m about 99% sure they won’t take the box.


Resized_20170306_171557 copy

The little box inside the big box was purchased at another antique shop I hit up on my way home from lunch. Market Street Treasures is also in Salem and has multiple vendors. They have tons and tons of really cool stuff including this little box. It’s a cheese box! I’m going to put our business cards in there. With all the new plans I have in my head, I think I may need to upgrade the little stand because it’s not that big.

13882304_1780266788885442_6335086142015878541_n-1 copy

I was thinking of adding some sides with legs that I could fold up for easy storage when it’s time to wheel the stand into the garage for the night. My dad made this one and I want it to always be a part of Frank’s Produce. But I don’t want to go crazy and make something that’s impossible to move back. Hummm….maybe we need an actual store! Like a shed that can open up during the day and we can lock the door at night! Ok ok, I’m getting WAY ahead of myself. I like to dream šŸ™‚

Back to the box. It’s going on the stand. I also bought a really cool old basket as well. I found it at an overcrowed teeny tiny antique shop called The Three Grays in Bridgeton, NJ. This was a new one for me. I had driven past it before but never had the time to stop in. Wow! Lots of digging. This basket had loads of stuff for sale in it and I had almost fallen over it on the floor. That’s how I found it though so it was worth the trip. I haven’t figured out what is going in the basket yet, but I will. Probably more flowers. Or squash, peppers, corn…Everything!

Resized_20170306_171553 copy

The other items I purchased for the stand were 2 old fashioned bean baskets. We actually have a hard time finding something to sell our green beans and wax beans in. These are perfect! My mom told me that my grandfather used to have similar ones when he picked beans out of their garden. I think we will make out great with them this season! What do you think?

Resized_20170306_171600 copyI am hopeful that we can get the greenhouse finished up in the next 2 weeks. Then we will be able to transition the seeds we just sowed in there and then plant them in the garden when the time comes. Plants are very fickle. You have to get the used to the outside weather first before you can just plant them. Thats why the greenhouse has roof windows. We can vent the greenhouse so the plants can get a little outside air slowely. Then in spring it’s into the ground they go! I can’t wait!


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