Flower Seeds and Soup Cans

I ordered a ton of flower seeds this year. Usually I plant 4 or 5 rows of sunflowers. They are SO pretty and I love seeing their yellow smiling happy faces looking up to the sun as I am pulling in my driveway after a long day. I wanted to step up my game though this year and actually get flowers out on the vegetable stand so I am going to plant more varieties of sunflowers as well as asters, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and more. Beings I only have 1/4 acre to plant on and there is an 8×12 greenhouse and 4 rows of strawberries already there I may have to figure out some more space to plant. The roof is always an option but I don’t like heights. I can always just plow up a row of my yard right along the property line next to the field that I am next to. Hopefully the farmer that rents it (my dad’s brother owns it) doesn’t run over my flowers like he did a few years ago (opps).

I am so excited about my flowers though! I can see it now – Frank’s Produce With Frank’s Daughters Flowers. I can build an addition to the stand just for my flowers and get pretty containers where people can purchase one sunflower or a whole bouquet. Maybe people will hire me for parties or weddings! Ok, I’m dreaming big now before I even plant 1 seed. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last night I did plant some seeds. Sunflowers get sowed directly outside in late spring but the other flowers can be sowed indoors 6-8 weeks before the last front. This is new to me since I always just had sunflowers. My tray of newly sowed seeds is now living in a little homemade greenhouse made of wood, chicken wire for shelves, heavy-duty plastic for a door, and a heat lamp for both light and warmth. When I left them last night with the tomatoes and peppers that have already sprouted, I told them goodnight and to keep warm and grow strong. Flowers are happy and I want to be able to have people bring a little happiness home with them.

I have a lot of learn in my flower adventure this year and I am up for the challenge. Thank goodness for my Uncle Tom though. He is my dad’s brother and is just like him. Last night as he was giving me my seed sowing lesson he said he was going to water the seeds at the end. I asked how he was going to do that because it needs to be gentle and light. You just can’t get the hose and spray the tray of seeds down because they would all blow away. I’m thinking we probably need to invest in some gardening tool that lets you do this. My uncle though, looks at me like I am crazy and whips out an empty butter container and soup can. He nailed little holes in the bottom of the can. When you pour the water in the can, a very gentle and light watering will take place. Perfect for new seeds and even your houseplants. It cost $0. I still have so much to learn!

Happy Weekend Everyone 🙂


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