Peepers & Pippi

This week we celebrate Read Across America. Each day there is a theme. Today was dress as your favorite character. And yes, that is my real hair 🙂pippi

I love dressing up. This past Halloween I was The Bride Of Frankenstein. I found a fantastic vintage long sleeve lace wedding dress from the 50’s and I had my hair and makeup just like her! The year before I was Glinda The Good Witch from the original The Wizard Of Oz. Big pink dress. BIG.

So when any of these dress up days come around, I have to get up extra early (6 a.m.rather then 6:30 ohhhh) to prepare. I always take a peak outside as soon as I get up to check out the weather and see if there are any deer out in the field behind my house. Today though, as soon as I opened the door I heard a beautiful symphony! The peepers were croaking their song. Peepers from where I am from are also known as frogs in other parts of the land. You usually hear them in the evenings and in the mornings when spring time is near. The weather in NJ is quite strange this year but just knowing those peepers are out is enough to make me forget about all of that because spring is coming!

Spring means warm weather, sunshine, and gardens!! Yay!




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