Mini Pitcher Obsession


Yesterday I had the joy of wandering around the Wheaton Arts Winter Antiques Fair with my friend Erika. We went with no time frame or agenda and were just looking forward to seeing beautiful things. There were so many! And they were so expensive! We were told we had exceptional taste though 🙂

I saw the sweet couple I had purchased  the green candle sticks and pitcher from last year and we chatted a bit. I also saw the couple I had purchased the love letters from. We ended up talking to them for quite a while and the wife wanted to show us pictures of her house with her Wedgewood collection. Making connections like that is actually more enjoyable then any purchases! And to have actual conversations with people is becoming a lost art these days. Having real ones makes me feel more grounded and connected to what is around me.

On the way out I spied this little gem. It’s not an actual miniature but it is a very small Wedgewood Jasperware pitcher. I fell in love instantly as I had never seen such a small one before. The dealer in the booth had so many beautiful glass and pottery pieces. She was a lovely person and also showed us some other interesting pieces and told us what they were used for back during the Victorian Era. I love finding out the history of items and thinking about who might have used such objects, what their days were like, and where they might have been from. It’s so romantic!

This little pitcher fit in the palm of my hand and we guessed that it might have been used for creamer for tea of coffee as it is glazed on the inside. I could just picture myself with my little green pitcher on my desk at work with creamer in it for my morning coffee. Pinky up when pouring of course 🙂

So for one Andrew Jackson the little pitcher was wrapped up and got to come home with me and is now my new obsession. I can’t wait to visit the next antiques fair to see if I can find any more little treasures. Maybe I can find some antique gardening tools that I can really use in my garden.


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