Wandering Weekends And Greenhouses

Ahhhh….the weekend is almost upon us. Only 2 more hours until freedom for 2 solid days. I am wearing my slippers. To work. No one dares to ask me why. It’s Friday which is reason enough. I do have the slippers that have the shoe like tread on the bottom so are they even slippers technically?

This weekend will be full of wanderings and greenhouses. The great greenhouse event of 2017 will be starting at 3 p.m. tomorrow. It will consist of myself and my uncle in my basement with boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes…and then like magic my 8×12 greenhouse will be up and ready to go! Pictures will follow.

On Sunday, a friend and I are going to Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (http://www.wheatonarts.org/) for a winter antiques fair. I went last year also and just loved it! Wheaton Arts is a glass blowing facility in Millville, NJ. They also have a museum, give special tours throughout the years and have arts festivals. One of their most attended festivals is in the fall when their glass pumpkins are on sale. No two pumpkins are alike. Glass artists from all over the world will come and work or intern at Wheaton at some point during their career. If you ever go don’t miss out the museum/store which showcases spectacular art from artists (some world renowned) who have made stops at Wheaton to fine tune their skills. The winter antique fair features over 50 vendors who sell a variety of beautiful things. I love to wander around and think of where the pieces started and who’s lives they have touched. Last year I bought a love letter from the 1800’s from a man to his sweetheart who lived in Philadelphia. I was so curious about what had happened past the letter but the only story I could see was the one I made up in my mind.

Last year I also found a stunning pair of green Wedgewood Jasperware candle stick holders. The vendors were an adorable older couple in their 80’s and they were so friendly and kind. I talked to them for quite a while and got a good deal on the sticks. Every time I look at them, I think of that sweet couple and their kindness. That is what those candle stick holders bring into my house – love. They had been surrounded by love for decades I could tell, and I wanted that in my house as well.

Whatever I find this year I will be sure to post next week. I may just find a tired pair of feet but I know one thing for sure, my face will be smiling and my soul will be at peace as my wanderings bring that to me.




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