Taxes and The Stomach Bug

I love my bed. I actually look forward to going to bed at night and the first thought that runs through my head when I open my eyes in the morning is how many more mornings do I have to do that until I don’t and can sleep in. This morning my count was way off because I didn’t even know what day it was. Then I remembered it was Wednesday and I hadn’t been to work yet this week because I had become a victim of the stomach bug over the weekend. Any day I’m not at work is good, except when it’s because of a stomach bug.

So out of bed I sprang this morning (ok I hit snooze 2 times and cried) and tried to think of SOMETHING that would get me through the day. Special dinner later? Nope, it’s still crackers and Gatorade. It’s the weekend? Again no, and yes I had forgotten what day it was again. There had to be something….

Then it dawned on me. It was Feb. 1st. YES! There was a W-2 form waiting for me in my mailbox at work. I was going to do my taxes today! Don’t ask my why this is such a great time as I know there are plenty of people who loath doing their taxes. Mine are pretty simple though, just thee W-2’s (School counselor, union secretary, rodeo ticket seller), my student loan interest (still paying after 15. Wait…I took out a loan so I could get a job working with teenagers? Something is seriously wrong with me), and my savings interest (75 cents). I had all that paperwork so I was ready to roll! And roll I did! As of 7:43 p.m. this evening my taxes are done. Finished. Finito.

Tomorrow is a new day thank goodness. The end.




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