A Ray Of Sunshine

I can’t believe it. An actual ray of sunshine is outside my window. After days and days of rain and wind the sun has arrived! January is such a hard month to get through, especially when it is dark and dreary. I don’t even mind the snow. In fact, I love when it snows. There is something magical about taking a walk through the fields when a silent snow drifts down through the sky. It’s so quiet. It makes me feel so small in the world yet so full of hope. At times during these walks I will see deer grazing to find a snack to munch on. They seem to glow in the moonlight. They pick up their heads quickly when they hear my boots crunch the snow and for a brief second make eye contact with me. It’s almost as if time stands still. In an instant the spell is broken and they leap away with as much grace as a ballet dancer. So beautiful yet powerful at the same time. It truly is magic.

The sun gives me hope as well. Not quite like my magical snowfall walks but a different sort of hope. Hope for warmer days and friendlier faces. For kindness and blooming flowers. For lazy summer days on hammocks and beaches. For those moments when time seems endless and the sun sets late. I wish I could live forever in those moments but I guess if I did it wouldn’t be as special as it is when it does finally come. Another reminder that there is always good after the bad. That we can make it through hard times and come out of the darkness, no matter what type of personal darkness it is that someone is going through. If only we could remember that and treat each other without judgement of what is hidden behind closed doors and sad eyes. To treat each other with kindness. Really in the end, it IS only kindness that matters.


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