I am sitting with my feet up at work and all I need in a bonbon

One of the history teachers at my school is jealous. Every time he comes in my department for something I usually don’t have my shoes on. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE SHOES. I would just rather look at them instead 🙂 I don’t wear shoes in the summer. I have walked in the garden in bare feet. I have walked across the road to get the mail in bare feet. I have walked outside to get something out of my car with snow on the ground in my bare feet. I just feel better, more free.

Apparently so does my history teacher friend. That’s one of the reasons why I love working at my school. There are so many different personalities working here and we learn about each other just by being around each other. Seeing me in my bare feet led us to a conversation about the beach and summer and surfing. Neither of us surf but last year I gifted myself a paddle board and plan to be on it a lot once the weather gets warm. He and his wife have paddled and love it. We can all paddle together now! It’s so much more fun with friends and I am really looking into it.

I feel sad for some people I see walking around the building who don’t look up and open their eyes to see those around them. You never know what you might have in common with someone and all it really takes is a conversation. I have made true friends over my time in my current school and regardless where I go in life, I know they will always be in my life. I’m not going anywhere but I’m still looking for that Picasso at a yard sale.

So here I am. It’s my lunch break. My bare feet are up and an apple is in my hand. Bonbons would taste better but…a farm girl has to eat healthy once in a while right?







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