And then the coffee pot died.

As if today wasn’t bad enough. Never mind the orange hued man in our National Capital. Today is the last day for two of my dear friends at work. The first is going out on maternity leave and while we will be keeping in touch and I will be showing up on her doorstep unannounced weekly, I’m still going to miss her being in her classroom. She’s my go to, my vault. I can ditch my frustrations and talk until I feel better. She better have her phone near her at all times. But at least she will be back in September. The second friend who is leaving is harder to deal with. He got a better position at another school and is leaving for good. So far today a teacher flung herself around his legs and begged him not to leave and several other have been to the counseling office for well…counseling! We are all so happy for him as this is an outstanding opportunity for him and his family but for those of us “left behind” we are just really really sad!

A pile of us usually end up in the library copy room at one point during the day or not. We vent to each other, laugh, cry – the usual things one might do on any given day. Today a few of us brought in donuts and bagels to cheer up our group. It helped a little. Until the coffee pot broke.

Really coffee pot gods? As if our day could not get any worse. It’s only 12:43 p.m.!! We didn’t get coffee with the donuts and bagels because we were counting on YOU! You, who have been our constant morning friend. Ok and our constant afternoon friend as well. You see us with sleepy eyes and bad hair. With baby spit up and morning breath. We count on you to start our day and make it so we can get through it! The day is more acceptable with you in it. Right now for instance as the teenager in the counselors office next to mine is SCREAMING to the point of having a mental breakdown because another girl looked at her funny (I kid you not) I don’t have anything to lose myself in! A bottle of water? Whats that going to do?

Sigh…I suppose I could try and find a replacement to at least make me a tad happy while I have to listen to the rant through my wall. Now who is selling girl scout cookies?!


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