Jersey Diners – ’nuff said

Stop scratching your head. I know what your thinking. She lives in New Jersey? But she sells produce in her front yard. That can’t be right.

I’m here to tell you that it is! I live in Southern New Jersey. We pretty much are our own state. You know NJ is considered to be “The Garden State” right? We still are down south.

One thing that can be found throughout the entire state though is diners. We are known for them. You can go 5 miles and not see one, even in the middle of nowhere land here down south. I think at last count there 1.75 million diners in the state. Ok maybe not but there are a lot.

My favorite diner is actually only about 5 minutes from my house in Swedesboro, NJ. Actually, it’s called The Swedesboro Diner and every Wednesday night they have Chicken Pot Pie. Now depending on where you are from in the US this could mean one of several things but Chicken Pot Pie to us South Jerseyans means pieces of shredded chicken with thick “noodles” that grandmom rolled out on the counter and cut up in nice thick squares. She cooks them until they are nice a puffy and then adds in the chicken and gravy. I eat mine with a fork. Yummo. They make it just like my Gammy did and it takes me back to those nights in her kitchen with my Poppy and parents when we would visit them for dinner.

So yeah, I’m lucky. I get Chicken Pot Pie almost every week. If your in town you should go and get some too. And in case you were wondering, I did find that skirt šŸ™‚


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