The seeds are here!!

When I got home for work yesterday there was a BIG pile of mail for me on the front porch. YES! I don’t know about you but I love getting mail! The most exciting package of the pile was my order from Harris Seeds. Harris Seeds was my dads go to for ordering and I am going to continue with that tradition. Every winter he would pull out his handwritten list of what he planted and where and would figure out how many seeds he needed to order for the upcoming season. He would fill out the order form (even though I told him about this wonderful thing called the internet) and sent it in the mail along with his check. Without fail, a check for $1.45 or some other small number would be sent to HIM after his order was processed because he didn’t do the math right. That was my dad though. It worked for him so end of story.

Even though I would roll my eyes at him and his lack of using technology, I am now blessed to keep finding these little scraps and lists all over his garage and in his truck. It’s like he is still around helping us. He just wants us to search a little. Honestly searching and finding his handwritten treasures makes it sweeter. We have been able to piece together his patterns of ordering and planting so that we now can keep up his traditions. Except the whole write out the order form and sending a check thing. Online ordering it is! In fact, I only sent my order in a few days ago and already got it in the mail. Dad would have been still waiting as the people processing would need to call in a handwriting expert to interpret his writing (sorry up there Dad but you know it’s the truth πŸ˜‰ ).

I really need to step up my game this year in the gardening department though. I have the best of intentions but they usually get lost in the weeds :/ My dad always handled the main garden and I took a small piece to grow sunflowers and brussel sprouts. The sunflower seeds always made it in the ground but I have yet to work something out with the sprouts. Now that my dad has passed I will be teaming up with my uncle to continue my dad’s love. For over 25 years my dad had a little vegetable stand in the front yard and sold his produce. I always figured I would get some sunflowers out on his hand to sell but so far that only happened one year and I made $7.50. My dad was super cheap (5 beautiful tomatoes for $2.50) and had quite a following. The love from his customers and the joy that they got from not only his produce but also his companionship is what keeps my uncle and I going. That little stand and the customers meant the world to my dad and by continuing, I feel closer to him and feel like I will continue to get to know him even more. My dad wasn’t one for showing his feelings to my brother and I but he would brag about us to his customers. We really didn’t know he did that until after he passed. Once they found out of his passing they would share all sorts of stories with us that he had told them. I knew my dad was proud of both my brother and I but actually hearing it, even if it was from another person, means the world to us and makes it easier to continue on with the wacky think called life without his physical presence.

Ok… so back to stepping up my gardening game. My uncle has the tractor and I have the customer service πŸ™‚ I’m learning from him and he’s learning from me. We are one cool team and we are going to make it work! No more lounging from me though, I am really going to have to get in the routine of weeding and taking care of not only my little piece of heaven but the part that my dad always took care of also. Between the two pieces, it’s probably about 1/2 acre that we manage. So wish me luck and keep me in your prayers. I’ll help you out in case you are stuck with the wording…”God, please help Melissa not fall on the couch when she gets home from her day job cause if she does she will never get up and the weeds will just grow and grow and grow. Amen”




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